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At Ellite Electronics we offer the services you need to keep your business running. In addition to offering guaranteed lower prices on our focus lines we will search out and find the obsolete, allocated and hard-to-find electronic parts you need. Submit a request for quote online and our sales team will get started on the search for you. Rest assured, if it’s available, we will find it for you.

Ellite Electronics’ Certified Component Program

Q. What is an Ellite Electronics’ Certified Component?

A. This is a part that Ellite Electronics has purchased: Direct from the Manufacturer i.e. Maxim, Atmel, IDT etc. or from an OEM or CEM that has purchased the part direct from the manufacturer or another direct source.

We will only certify a part that we have On File a complete paper trail from our source back to the original manufacturer of the electronic component. We also offer a full 90-day warranty on the part.

Whether you are purchasing the part for you own companies internal use, or to resell, when you need proof of authenticity, and a 90-day warranty Fit, Form and Function, ask us about our certified component program.

Ellite Electronics’ goal is to provide the highest quality part at the lowest price, on time.

Due to obsolescence or severe shortage not all the parts we sell can be certified. Realizing that a part failure costs the end user far more than the monetary value of the component: Loss of confidence, Time, and possible “Collateral Damage;” we take a proactive approach notifying the purchaser when a clear paper trail is not available. Then you can choose the most appropriate step depending on the application. Anything from a small trial run at your facility to having us perform full testing on the part.

Ellite Electronics’ Re-marketing Program

Let Ellite Electronics Re-market your excess inventory into $$$’s. Unlike most companies who are only willing to offer you pennies on the dollar, Ellite Electronics will actually work with your company to help you recoup close to the current market price, which in some cases may turn out to be more than your original purchase price!

So whether you have 1000’s of excess line items, or that one reel of incorrectly ordered parts that you just missed the return date on, our Re-marketing Specialist is anxious to help you turn your excess into cash.


Ellite Electronics provides fast, accurate, and cost effective programming services for any volume of flash memory, programmable logic, or microcontroller products. We work closely with the most innovative equipment manufacturers to offer solutions to our customers with the service they demand.

• Highly skilled personnel
• Experienced engineering support
• Ability to follow any customer specifications for handling and packaging
• Modern, high speed, efficient equipment from a variety of manufacturers
• Laser marking and a variety of label materials available for product identification
• Detailed and thorough first article process, ensuring complete repeatability during production

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